Know How to Get MSP VIP and What Are Its Benefits

Movie Star Planet or MSP is the widely enjoyed virtual game for kids. However, adults are also equally keen to play this game owing to its wonderful virtual world where they can create movies by casting their favourite movie star and become famous virtually. The game play is about creating movies using the favourite movie characters, buying items from in-apps purchase store, chat with friends virtually and end up becoming rich and famous celeb in this unique and virtual Hollywood-esque world.

Remember, in this game the more movies you make, the more famous you will become and hence you will get more autographs and earn more fame. The interesting part of this virtual world is that you can keep on increasing the list of your friends in the game so that the views of your movies can be increased gradually and you may become famous accordingly.

Gamers who have purchased the VIP membership in the game are authorized to do lot many things in the game and get instant access to more features of MSP. However, you are not always required to purchase the VIP membership as there are ways that can help you get VIP membership for free. Below you will come across with a guide on how to get MSP VIP for free.

Know How to Get Movie Star Planet VIP for Free?

Method One:

The very first way to get VIP membership for free is by heading towards the website of and signing up with the website and creating an account with the website. This is the first way how to get MSP VIP for free.

The process to create account with the website hardly takes 60-80 seconds and after creating the account you need to complete few surveys and offers that are available on the website. The surveys and offers must be completed by using original information or it may not work for you and your free VIP MSP will not be offered.

Once you complete the survey and offers successfully, you will receive certain points which you can use to get free VIP membership for MSP. The free VIP MSP which you would avail with these points usually comes for 1 month, 3 months or 1 year. Remember, the more points you earn from the surveys and offers, the higher the VIP MSP membership duration will be.

The points which you would earn from the surveys and offers won’t expire and hence you can save them in your account until you achieve the required points for higher VIP membership duration. So, this is the first method how to Get VIP MSP for free.

Second Method:

The second method to get free membership for MSP is to hack the game using the online hacking tools. There are many online hacking tools available over the internet today that help you to hack the game and add resources into the game. Some of the hacking tools also help you purchase VIP MSP for free without having to spend any single money.

These hacking tools are designed to carefully hack your account and add unlimited resources in the game and these tools also enable you to add the number of items for free without getting your account banned. Moreover, the hacking tool also provides you with the option to purchase the VIP MSP for the game which is totally free of cost. So, this is the second method of how to get Movie Star Planet VIP for free.

Benefits of Getting VIP MSP…

There are many benefits associated in availing the Free MSP membership. With the VIP MSP membership you will notice that you can access all the features of the game and do lot many things in the game with the free VIP MSP. There a variety of membership which you can avail ranging from Star VIP membership to Elite VIP, and Normal VIP package. There are different benefits associated with each of this package, but the ultimate benefit is with the Star VIP MSP membership.

  • Daily StarCoins and Diamonds – By availing the free VIP MSP membership you can get daily StarCoins and Diamonds by signing up with the game. Both StarCoins and Diamonds are necessary in the game for purchasing in-game resources.
  • Special VIP Items – The gamers with VIP MSP membership has the opportunity to find special VIP items in the store and they can purchase using the daily Diamonds and StarCoins.
  • More Friends, Fame and Autographs – The MSP VIP memberships can also help you to get more friends in the list which will increase the views of your movies and this will help you to earn more fame virtually, while getting more autographs for free.

These were some of the benefits of availing free MSP VIP membership. So, use the above mentioned methods and guide on how to get MSP VIP for free.